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We do NO sex. No exceptions.
We work from 10:00 to 2:00


1 USD = 20 CZK
1 EUR = 25 CZK

Discount from 10:00 to 15:00Price
Nuru massage60 min - 1800 Kč (70€)
Erotic massage60 min - 1300 Kč (50€)


Erotic massage30 min1000 Kč
Nuru massage1 hour2000 Kč
Nuru massage90 min3000 Kč
Erotic massage1 hour1500 Kč
Erotic massage90 min2000 Kč
2 masseuse1 hour3000 Kč
Paradise (4 ruce)1 hour3000 Kč
Massage for couple1 hour1500 Kč/person
Escort1 hour2000 Kč + taxi
Magic touch800 Kč
Summer fresh massage (body to body massage with piece of ice )60 min2000 CZK
BDSM masssage60 min2500 CZK
Massage deep session40 min proffesional sports massage1500 CZK
Soap massage60 min1800 CZK
Lingam massage 21 touch of plesure30 min1600 CZK
Highway to paradise60 min body to body massage including climax between breast2200 CZK
Japanese massage1800 CZK
Tantric massage120 min3000 CZK
Combination of all types of massages2500 (60 min) Kč
Mix massage90 min3500 CZK
Extra service
Vip Company (min. 3h)60 min1000 CZK
Extension of massage30 min1300 CZK
Prostate massage15 min500 CZK
Watch tempting massage process60 min1000 CZK
Privat dance10 min1000 CZK
Foot job15 min500 CZK
Massage in high heel60 min500 CZK
A girl with hair down60 min400 CZK
PO 22:00Cena (60 minut)
Classic erotic massage2000 Kč
Nuru massage1500 (30 min) Kč
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We do not provide direct sex under any circumstances.

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