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Tantra massage in Prague

  • A specially crafted procedure of Indian origins
  • Relaxes and erotically satisfies
  • Multiple health benefits
  • Four hand version is possible
  • Pairs are welcome
  • Gay-friendly
  • Escort service

While each of our procedures is a sweet treat, a tantra massage really stands out from among them. The way it combines a refined eroticism with a thorough, full-body stimulation, the way it seamlessly incorporates the loving and healing touch and fosters an emotional bond between the giver and a taker – it can and will sweep you off your feet!

At our massage parlour in Prague, you too can experience what it's really like…

There is more to tantra than just the erotic. Come and try its impact on yourself – see what it is capable of. Book a visit with us – why not straight away?

Tantra massage – a recipe for success

People often ask what makes this procedure this popular. There's no simple answer to that, but it could possibly boil down to the way it incorporates multiple impulses into a whole.

The roots of modern tantra can be found in the philosophy and therapeutic art of ancient India, but it has also managed to subsume elements of Western physiotherapy and psychology.

And the results are more than worth it. Tantra body massage can soothe your soul as well, relax you and fill you with erotic energy, but it can also be a useful tool for combating stress, depression and negative thoughts. Among its effects, you can find:

  • A thorough relaxation of the muscular system
  • An improved blood flow
  • Strengthening of libido
  • Help with erection and premature ejaculation problems
  • A heightened confidence and the acceptance of one's own body

Looking to experience a superb tantra? Our Prague salon is the right place for that!

You'll feel comfortable and at ease inside our tantra salon. Luxurious interior, intimate lighting and appropriate decorations all create an atmosphere of indulgence and erotic promise. Everything calculated to heighten your pleasure – it's a world in itself, made to be explored and enjoyed.

Book a visit and come on in – one of our beautiful therapists will be eager to cater to you!

Ready yourself for a terrific massage! Tantra in Prague, delivered by true professionals

For your time with us to be really enjoyable, it is important you choose the right therapist to deliver your massage. All of our guys and girls are attractive, as well as qualified and professional. Pick the one you feel the most attracted to – but you should also make sure you properly "vibe" with them on a personal level. The connection between the "giver" and "taker" is paramount for tantra's success!

If you really want to something out of the ordinary, then pick a four-hand massage. The pleasure you can draw from two professionals, carefully tending to your pleasure, is not something to be put in words, but to be experienced!

This is how will your tantra massage in Prague go…

You’ve chosen your therapist and are ready for the pleasurable Czech tantra to follow. But first – a shower. We place great importance on hygiene, and won't start a massage without both of you washing yourself thoroughly.

Next, you'll be led to a private, richly decorated and comfortable room. Strip and lay down on a special rubdown mattress. You can cover you private parts with a towel at first, if you like. Relax. Your therapist will first teach you the technique for correct breathing – make sure you maintain it throughout the whole procedure.

The massage will consist of a wave of gentle, yet effective massaging strokes and touches, which won't leave out a single part of your body. Tantra works with the main centres of energy located on your body, with the purpose of improving its free flow. Weariness and muscle tension will dissipate in an instant!

Gradually, more and more attention will be paid to your erogenous zones, but don't expect a rushed orgasm. The point is to delay it as much as possible, slowly building up the erotic tension before letting it out towards the end.

The strength and ecstasy of the final climax is something indescribable – it can last minutes, even!  But your can enjoy the rest of your massage even after that, and enjoy the loving attention of your therapist to the very end…

A harmonious Prague massage – tantric fun to be experienced in tandem with your partner

Don't be shy to bring your partner with you. A tantric massage, experienced together, is the perfect way to deepen your relationship, come to view your sexuality from a new perspective, and perhaps inspire you to try new things in your intimate life as well!


Can't come and visit us yourself? Take advantage of our escort option!

While our parlour is not something you'd want to miss out on, we understand that there are moments where a personal visit is impossible. Whatever's keeping you from making that journey – if you can't afford to come to us, our escort option is a lifesaver that you're sure to appreciate.

Contact us via phone, email or an online chat box, specify the time and place where you want us to visit you, pick your favourite therapist, and then all you have to do is look forward to us ringing at your door!

We can service you at your home, hotel room, or anywhere offering enough hygiene and privacy. Not just in Prague, but even outside its boundaries!

Do your friends also wish to try our services together with you? With three or more people ordering, we can send out our erotic taxi to pick you up! This service is free of charge – make sure you take advantage of it!

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